Patio, Milia e Spenia: 3 new collections to celebrate 50 years of Garofoli

Inspired by our 50 years of history, dedicated to contemporary homes

Inspired by iconic collections from the Garofoli range but with a contemporary feel in design terms, Milia, Patio and Spenia are the first new collections of doors for 2019, when our brand aims to fully establish its position as market leaders. Although the three new collections are different in terms of style and inspiration, they do have the following in common: concealed hinges and magnetic closure; new frame with flush-mounted jambs on the pull side and telescopic jambs on the push side (optional flush-mounted jamb). The new frame is a unique, cutting-edge solution since it offers the choice of flush-mounted jambs on both sides or to fit one flush-mounted and one telescopic jamb.

Milia Collection

A sophisticated development in Miraquadra, our most popular collection, Milia is a new proposal for lacquered and routed doors.

Patio Collection

Modern, geometric designs are characteristics that add personality to Patio, a collection of wooden doors (enhanced by additional lacquered models) that aim to satisfy the requirements of those seeking solutions with a contemporary, international design.

Spenia Collection

The new collection Spenia combines the linear design of collections such as Gavisio and Splendia with a traditional-modern flavour with exquisite craftsmanship.

Where to buy

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