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17 07
Italian life style and design: two days “onboard” with the Garofoli Group


Design, architecture, sea, excellence, food and wine: these are just a few of the ingredients that the Garofoli Group has put into an event designed to be an interface between the company and important Italian and International architects. A two day journey into the variegated world of the company, an adventure where work, beauty and relaxation converge in some of the most particular locations of the Marche Region. The first delegation of professionals arrived Wednesday evening directly from Russia; Thursday morning, together with their colleagues from Emilia Romagna, they were ready to dive into a series of activities that truly epitomize Italian life style! The day got off to a swimming start with a visit to the company offices, the presentation of the Garofoli products and an in depth illustration of the precise production processes at the Gidea facilities. This initial exploration of entrepreneurial segued into a day of “maritime” relaxation: lunch on the beach was followed by a boat ride to the “Due Sorelle” to admire its extraordinary beauty and cool off in the crystalline waters. An enchanting spot for diving, good times and unwinding.

The evening continued in a tribute to the good life with an aperitif at the port followed by an exotic dinner: sushi prepared “live” onboard while our guests enjoyed a glass of good wine. Day two was an even more fitting tribute to the ability of mixing design and life style: a tour of the company and the showroom was accompanied by a relaxed atmosphere visit to the Garofoli Wine Cellars, where entrepreneurship, professionalism and leisure converged; here, the intent of the Garofoli Group was to entertain important architects and show them how the concept of excellence – made up of a variety of situations and moments – must be the leitmotiv to every challenge that the company undertakes.

Excellence is not only an objective or a daily mission, but also the real meeting point between professionals in the industry and the world of production: a way of responding to the complexities of the present.