The Garofoli Group is a world leader in the design, construction and sale of doors, with particular emphasis on solid wood doors. The Group, led by founder Fernando Garofoli and his sons, operates within the top segment of the market; its products are an excellent representation of the “Made in Italy” movement throughout the world.


All Garofoli Group products are made based on absolutely cutting-edge production technologies, some of which are covered by our own patents. Our technology research is accompanied by the continued sourcing of top-quality materials. A constant study of innovative building techniques has led to refinement of details on a daily basis, together with continued experiments into finishes and new colours.


Passion, research, quality, environment: the cardinal points that guide the Garofoli Group, a company that has always distinguished itself for its innate sense of excellence and for the care it takes in selecting the woods used, a philosophy which has always been the cornerstone of the company’s mission.

References and projects

From the Prada Foundation in Milan to Alitalia’s lounges, there are lots of design projects with an international profile where the choice has been the doors and coordinates of the Garofoli Group.

Special projects
Prestigious projects
Suites and HOTELS