Sliding Doors

Exposed or Recessed? Track or Counterframe? See our ranges for a Pratical home

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The Advantages of Sliding Doors
  • They allow you to create extra space
  • They can also be used to create handy walk-in wardrobes
  • They can partition rooms without the need for walls
Recessed Sliding Doors

On recessed sliding doors, the mechanism involves a counterframe set inside the wall, and therefore, installation requires a small amount of building work. The great advantage of this solution is that the walls that surround the door as it slides, are free on the outside and can therefore be used for furniture like wardrobes, bookcases and other units. Different types of opening are also possible, according to the counterframe fitted.

Glass Sliding Door
Hinged and Sliding Door
Wood Sliding Door
Exposed Sliding Doors Types

If your project does not allow you to intervene on the masonry to install a counterframe, due to flues or wiring, you can always choose an exposed type, available in versions that differ according to the type of mechanism used to slide the door and for its aesthetic results. These are some of the most popular models with our clients:

  • doors with pelmet (can be recessed in the ceiling, if required);
  • doors with Linea system;
  • doors with Batik slide system.
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Door with Linea system
Porta moderna scorrevole a mantovana - Garofoli
Ceiling Recessed Pelmet
Porta scorrevole esterno muro - Garofoli
Exposed Sliding Doors
Porta scorrevole esterno muro a mantovana - Garofoli
Door With Pelmet
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Exposed Sliding Doors
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