Pivot-Sliding Doors

Minimum Space, Maximum Functionality

The Advantages of Pivot-Sliding Doors
  • 50% less space
  • No masonry work required
  • Easy access for people with mobility difficulties
  • Aesthetically identical to hinged doors

Pivot-Sliding Doors for Interiors: Price and Characteristics

The price of a pivot-sliding door is around a few hundred euros more than a hinged door and varies according to the material, the collection and the model. The additional cost should be considered an investment since pivot sliding doors can really simplify life in a home or public place. One of the great plus points for a pivot-sliding door is based on the fact that they offer easier use for people with physical difficulties or wheelchair users. This makes them ideal for those public spaces where it is essential to overcome architectural barriers and guarantee accessibility for everyone.

Push Opening on Both Sides
Save Up to 50% Space
Modern Aesthetics
Find your Nearest Pivot Doors Store

Do you have a small room and need to optimize space, or do you need to create greater accessibility for a room using a door with pivot mechanism? Contact your nearest sales point so that you can sample the quality of our pivot-sliding doors for yourselves.