Hinged Doors

The most traditional, most versatile

14 Furnishing Ideas Using Hinged Doors
This gallery includes a range of solutions we developed for hinged doors. hinged doors can be distinguished according to material (from the classic wooden door to ones in glass, passing via laminate), style, leaf decoration (that can be plain, panelled, or routed), with or without frames. For flush-fitted hinged doors, the door is smoothly integrated into the wall and has no frames. As you can see, the possibilities for your design project and home are endless.
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Are you choosing a hinged door for your home or office and you need a price outline? Our sales outlets are staffed by qualified persons who can guide you around the different hinged door models and their installation costs. This type of opening is the most economical compared to other types, such as sliding or folding models, but the prices can vary according to the material and model.