FSC® Certification

FSC® Certification (FSC- C127292)

  • Quality has always been one of the guiding values of the Garofoli Group. Quality, which, seeing the materials used to manufacture doors and coordinates, cannot ignore a profound respect for and continued protection of the environment. This is why we have taken another step further in the direction of eco-sustainability and safeguarding the planet when it comes to our products. Since October 2015, the company can in fact officially certify its products with the FSC® (FSC- C127292) mark, which guarantees the eco-friendly origin of the material used and therefore, the eco-sustainability of the finished product. FSC® (FSC- C127292)thus joins the other two important environmental certificates obtained by the Garofoli Group: CoC/PEFC and ISO 14001. To check the validity of the certificate, see: http://info.fsc.org