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03 12
Walk-in closets and wall systems: the solution for renewing spaces


Multi-form spaces to enclose your world and expand the possibilities of your home. A Garofoli Group wardrobe is much more than a simple storage solution, it is the place where the personality of a modern, functional home is forged.

Walk-in closets with sliding doors, wall systems of every type, fitted out walls that give a new meaning to the concept of functionality: our catalogue offers a gamma of solutions broad enough to satisfy even the most demanding interior decorator, whether for creating special settings, closing in existing spaces, dividing rooms or closing off unused corners.

Would you like a few examples? The Miria collection by Gidea offers doors for wall systems and panelling available in a variety of profiles which can be coordinated with the group’s lines of doors. Functionality and compatibility are guaranteed inside, as well: the containers and the shelves can be rearranged and customized to meet the most specific needs, thanks to metal brackets that can be installed on walls, ceilings or floors. The fittings for the walk-in closets are available in a variety of colours: wengè oak, bleached oak, white laminate, lacquer finish in white or ivory.

There are also a number of possibilities for shelving for fitted out walls: available in all of the colours of the group’s boiserie panelling collection, they can be used to vary volumes and to create new spaces.

Finally, for those who want coordinated, linear settings, Garofoli makes it possible to create sliding doors starting, for example, from the doors in the GdesignerBiSystem and Antha collections. Designer solutions that improve rooms and save space without giving up elegance.

Thanks to the broad selection of products ranging from Filomuro doors to parquet, glass panels and boiseries, practicality and compatibility go hand in hand in Garofoli Group furnishing solutions.