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12 02
Sliding doors: the right choice


Essential rooms, refined geometric shapes, small spaces that can hold an entire world – your world. There are rooms in which a door is not only a sophisticated frame that introduces new space possibilities, but a true secret passage.

In these cases, when we must optimise space or, more simply, when we want to create a discreet and subtle setting, sliding doors are the best solution: not a compromise between space and aesthetics, rather a real choice based on taste, functionality and convenience.

Disappearing into the wall or sliding on external tracks, sliding doors move away unobtrusively to allow us to use the space without obstacles, without constrictions and without barriers, permitting us to take a little journey into our daily lives.

To meet the needs of all types of target clients, the Garofoli collections are also produced in the sliding versions, both pocket and wall mounted. For the wall mounted versions, where the aesthetic factor is of the utmost importance, Garofoli proposes three variations: with pelmet, with telescoping track and with the Linea bar system in which the door glides on a metal bar. For the pocket version, the hidden door is the choice for those who want to use space to the maximum, opting for a functional, discreet effect.

What’s more: in the wide-ranging Garofoli catalogue, we also find sliding doors mounted in the door opening, in which a special variation of the sliding mechanism allows the door panels to be hidden one behind the other, giving the door an almost magic quality, with great visual impact.