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08 05
Grain: the future of 3D effect laminates


Contemporaneity suggests acceleration and continuous transformation: one of the most interesting solutions in the world of interior decorating are the new 3D effect materials. An innovative generation of products that resolutely meet the needs for practicality, aesthetics and accessibility. The door, as the point of connection between multiple living and working spaces, is not simply an “element of passage”. It has insistently become an element of interior design that plays up the multi-sensory aspect of the room. In its ongoing research into materials, the Garofoli Group has launched the Grain collection, designed for those who want to combine character, style and functionality in a single element. The doors in this most recent collection target great visual impact and a strong sense of tactility. The distinctive feature of the Gidea Grain Collection is, in fact, the extraordinary effect obtained through a particular, highly three-dimensional laminated covering; it is similar in texture to the bas relief of a wood grain. A result that “makes the difference”, providing a hot, new combination of charm and singularity. Coplanar “pull” version, this Grain door comes with a standard magnetic lock, pivot hinges (hidden hinges optional) and is available in the plain model or in glass with minimal profile, depending on style and decorating needs. Grain is available in the following colours: white oak, chalk oak, grey oak, dark oak, bleached oak, blond oak, pickled oak.

In every door in the Grain collection, the technical evolution is perfectly matched to the aesthetic expression in a modern, eye-catching synthesis of design and technological materials.

Grain: simply extraordinary!