Wooden – single leaf fire resistant door with EI45-REI45 performance.
Solid wood main frame. Adjustable telescopic covering profiles pull side. Push side covering profile with possibility to incorporate it into the boiserie. Extruded cold smoke seal. Intumescent autoadhesive seal.
Installation allowed on gypsum board or masonry walls with minimum thickness of 1 10 mm and EI 45 fire resistance.
Leaf 60 mm thick, flush to frame on pull side. High performance insulation core, solid wood on the perimeter and MDF facings. Intumescent seals on door edges.
Heavy duty hinge kit and spring hinge. Door ID plate according to Italian D.M. 21.06.2004. Certification CSI1511FR according to UNI EN 1634-1:2001, Exova W arringtonfire assessment nr 316456 accoding to BS
EN 1634-1. Italian “atto di omologazione” AN170EI1045P003. Russian Federation certification С-IT.ПБ25.В.01612 according to ГОСТР 53307-2009.

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