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09 04
Miraquadra: classical soul, contemporary personality


Doors with modern personality and classical soul: the new Miraquadra collection plays at transforming any interior into a fascinating balance between past and future. Created from the resarch on the main trends of modern living, the collection combines functionlity, enhancement of spaces, attention to detail, being particularly suitable for those who want to bring out the quality in old-fashioned ambients and for those who intend to reinvent sober spaces carachterized by minimalist architecture.

A new collection, designed to give a contemporary feel to every room. Perfect doors with a classical harmony, updated using a modern, versatile concept for those who like to care for every little detail. Delicate decorations and varnished finishes are combined with sophisticated mechanics - from flush-mounted hinges to magnetic locks - and accessories with a minimalist yet decided design. The fact that the mountings, frame and door itself have flush internal faces highlights its style, making Miraquadra an elegant piece of furniture.

Designed to harmonize the spaces with a sudden unmistakably modern and elegant profile, Miraquadra, the new collection by Garofoli, lets the classical mood, with its comfortable and smooth lines, meet the essential nature of space and of contemporary styles. Versatility and precision come together in the indissoluble union of a collection projected to be timeless, thanks to its minimal design and its ability to adapt to any interiors emphasizing every peculiarity. Thus Miraquadra transforms the door into an irreplaceable piece of furniture.

Miraquadra: contemporary style has a classical heart.