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19 05
Golden Door Awards: the new edition!

The Golden Door Awards, a photographic competition organised by Gruppo Garofoli, is in its third year and now it is in three parts, too! 

3 different categories that offer entry possibilities to:

1. Garofoli Group dealers > category #GarofoliTrade

       Opens: 20 June 2015 – Deadline for submissions: 14 February 2016


2. Trade professionals (Architects, Interior Designers) who have used Garofoli and Gidea products in their designs > category #GarofoliPro

       Opens: 20 June 2015 – Deadline for submissions: 14 February 2016


3. End customers who have chosen the group’s products for their homes > #GarofoliHome

        Opens: 1 April 2016 – Deadline for submissions: 28 May 2016


The fact that we have opened up the competition shows the desire of Gruppo Garofoli to increasingly involve those who believe in their products and their vision of Interior Design. This is an award hat aims to add to the quality of the work carried out by our partners and reward the trust that customers place in our products, at both national and international levels. 



The competition involves sending in photographs of Garofoli and/or Gidea products in use. The essential requirement is to show us a design project, for public or private buildings, featuring a product from the Gruppo Garofoli range. 



The information and regulations for the categories #GarofoliTrade and #GarofoliPro are provided at the following link:



Winners will be announced at an official event at the group’s new headquarters, in autumn 2016.