#TRENDS: Ceiling-Height Doors

Up & up!

You may have seen them in magazines and on interior design sites and blogs. Today, home interior design tends to prefer larger, multi-purpose environments rather than separating the home into smaller rooms with specific functions.
Are you thinking of those 1980s-style homes with lots of rooms, each one dedicated to a specific activity (sleeping, studying, eating, etc.)?  Well you can forget about them! Now designers have to meet different and continuously changing lifestyle needs, where houses are increasingly used for professional purposes. In this type of surroundings, the small number of doors used becomes even more important, both in functional and aesthetic terms.
Today we can introduce a door with particular dimensions: the ceiling-height door, a version also known as the full-height door, because it extends floor to ceiling.



Paint it!

You can paint the Filomuro flush-wall door as you prefer. The result? Perfect harmony with the wall.

Sleeker effect

Choosing a door that is ceiling height means opting for a strikingly original solution.  The benefit? The door is much sleeker and the room more elegant.


Light, light, light!

Since the door is so high, when it stays open, the rooms are more closely linked, from every point of view – architectural, visual and functional – and the light between the rooms is better diffused and in greater amounts.


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