Filomuro: the invisible essence of elegance

Filomuro: the invisible essence of elegance

Filomuro: the flush fitting door system with infinite possibilities that is the epitome of precision and clean-cut design. In minimal environments, where the essential nature of the designs and forms used is of the utmost importance, the ideal furnishing choice is a Filomuro door. The perfect solution for enhancing spaces or dividing areas that offers total continuity and an exceptionally flat surface that fits seamlessly into the wall.

Garofoli Filomuro is the line of flush fitting doors that adapts perfectly to suit all types of environment, allowing walls and doors to blend harmoniously into one: free from doorposts, visible hinges, frames and other obvious elements, our flush fitting doors enhance new spaces with the simplicity of a flat surface.

Whether your intention is to conceal the passage between different environments or create a large area to decorate, including the “door element” in the design, the Filomuro collection is sure to have the best solution for every requirement, effortlessly spanning the gap between minimalist rigour and more scenic solutions.


To camouflage, fit, close, reinvent: the line allows the designer’s every ambition to take shape thanks to a system also designed to fully integrate the door with the wooden finishes covering the wall. Indeed, the finishes of our boiserie were specifically designed to ensure that the Filomuro door covering blends in as easily as possible.

Our catalogue contains countless types of Filomuro doors: the wide range of colours, finishes and materials available will transform your choice into a pleasant journey of discovery on the trail of elegance and rationality.

The option of fully personalising or creating particular versions of products is one of the advantages of a collection that includessingle and doublewall, ceiling oblique and  chiudi-chiudi  doors (also available as an oblique version).


Furthermore, the Filomuro system also excels for its fine eclectic coverings, whether you prefer a painted finish or one that coordinates with our boiserie, whether you opt for a reassuring sturdy wood panel or a paintable door. In the latter case, interior designers can truly express the full extent of their creativity and personality as the Filomuro door can be painted with all types of wall paints.

To ensure high quality at all levels, we also focus closely on facilitating the installation operation, simplified by the new 103 mm wide frame, in both push and pull versions, for masonry or plasterboard walls.

Filomuro: the flush fitting door system with infinite possibilities that is the epitome of precision and clean-cut design.