On trend: flush-wall doors covered with wallpaper

Would you like to dress your home with a total look that perfectly reflects your taste? With our Filomuro flush-wall door in the version that can be finished in plaster, you can give free rein to your creative ideas!

These are a few examples of how to coordinate the style of a door to match the rest of the home 100%. You can opt for solutions that camouflage the door, or you can decide to make it a genuine work of art, since the Filomuro door that can be plastered is suitable for:

  • covering with wood panelling;
  • wallpapering,
  • painting,
  • or covering with plaster.

Wood panelling

Filomuro flus-wall door faced with Garofoli wood panelling: an excellent way to change the style in a room without too much disruption.


Filomuro flush-wall door covered with wallpaper: an on-trend idea for those who can’t resist the beauty of the very latest wallpaper styles.  

Cement finish

Flush-wall door covered with cement finish: an excellent solution when creating a contemporary effect.