Garofoli parquet and baseboards: elegant, sustainable… perfect!

Garofoli parquet and baseboards:

elegant, sustainable... perfect!

Charm, quality, sustainability: these are the marks of a home decorated with Garofoli parquet and baseboards.

Garofoli parquet, produced using top quality woods from eco-sustainable forests, perfectly match our doors, walk-in closets and boiserie paneling.



Our customary attention to detail, together with a passion for perfecting sustainable innovation, make Garofoli parquet the perfect flooring for anyone who wants a refined and inimitable home.

The Garofoli catalogue offers a wide selection of baseboards for an even more perfect, long-lasting coordinated look.


Garofoli parquet and baseboards are produced in the Castelfidardo facilities where modern technology meets tradition: constant, scrupulous quality control and strict EC certification guarantee that the highest quality standards are maintained.

The great variety of colours and finishes makes choosing a Garofoli product an enjoyable experience in an atmosphere of beauty and elegance. There are two different finishes available for all wood tones, with the exception of white, ivory and dove grey lacquered versions: poly-acrylic paint finish (10 gloss) or matte polymerised paint finish (3 gloss).
Discover perfection with Garofoli parquet and baseboards.