Sliding doors: for an open and shut home

Models and Types

Sliding doors

For an open and shut home

Sliding doors are an intelligent choice because they can let you recover the space usually occupied by the opening radius of a traditional hinged door. Using a sliding solution adds to space and lets you make the most of every square metre. And don’t forget, the decorative opportunities are endless with sliding doors.

If you are choosing your doors and you need a sliding model but you haven’t yet made up your mind, then why not take a look at the main types?

pocket doors

With this type of door, the frame is concealed inside the wall, giving you a solution that frees up the wall space completely. The benefits of this are a clean-cut style and more room to furnish with a unit, a bookcase or even shelving!

And if you want more light, then a glazed pocket sliding door is the one for you!


glazed sliding doors

With our glazed sliding doors, you can open up or separate adjoining rooms as you need to. These doors are perfect for creating versatile areas, filled with light and these glazed sliding solutions are also available in smoked glass.

Wall-mounted sliding doors

Wall-mounted sliding doors are doors that slide along the wall. This is the preferred option when it is not possible to intervene on masonry, as instead it fits a track or an external mechanism. There are different types of track and sliding mechanism to meet different needs. The images show, for example, our Linea track or Roller system.