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15 09
"J'ai deux amours: Mirabilia et Paris..."


There are cities capable of inventing a different spirit for every season of the year. Places with an eclectic character where it is easy to find sublime jazz in a retro club or couples dancing a sensual tango along the riverside. This is Paris, able to enchant with its poetic heart, but also to amaze with it ultra-chic haunts, its splendid buildings along the Seine, its springtime paths in the jardin du Luxembourg. A city where watercolour sketches in pastel tones are the backdrop for literary cafés, cabaret shows and the pages of half-read novels.

The Garofoli Mirabilia collection comes to life in these ancient rooms, the homes of bohemian poets, painters and musicians in a frenetic journey in search of art and lost loves. The absence of sharp corners plays up its soft, persuasive lines, emblems of the elegant and sophisticated design that brings together style and state of the art technology in an unmistakeable harmony. Doors that are so traditional and classic, yet surprisingly refined and modern. Doors that are poetic and sober in style yet tell the stories of past loves and lives, making it possible to experience them still, lulled by the warmth of a lit fireplace creating an atmosphere of pleasure and melancholy.

Josephine Baker sang “J'ai deux amours, mon pays et Paris” with nostalgia in the early 1900s. J'ai deux amours, Mirabilia et Paris...