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01 09
Quality as a vocation. The heart of the Garofoli world


For the Garofoli Group, quality is a vocation, the highest tribute to handcrafted workmanship, a world leader in the design, construction and sale of doors and systems for the architectural customisation of rooms. Today, the company founded by Fernando Garofoli in 1968 represents the unmistakeable "Made in Italy” excellence.Passion, research, quality, environment are the foundation of the Garofoli philosophy, in permanent equilibrium between tradition and innovation.Constant technological research, for continual improvement in production techniques, is accompanied by the most severe wood selection criteria.Only in this way can Garofoli be sure to offer a product that will live on in time.Classic doors in solid wood, design products in aluminium, but also walk-in closets, boiserie panels and parquet flooring:all part of the Garofoli world, the nerve centre of a group attentive to the needs of its client and the market, but with its mind set on innovation and its heart set on uncompromised quality. Yes, its heart.The Garofoli passion for exemplary workmanship has found a new expressive form:in fact, only doors in real solid wood can be marked by the signature of Fernando Garofoli.Not industrial products, but real masterpieces: another step forward, a permanent seal to immediately identify the best of the Garofoli production.