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27 09
Visions for the future: doors and coordinated products to bring together style and quality


A door tells us a lot about the house where it is installed; it can even reveal the personality of the person who chose it, who loved it at first sight and who uses it countless times each day.If we can deduce all of this from a door, imagine what an entire room can tell us, revealing an infinity of personal nuances hidden in geometries replete with precious meaning.

This symbolism is the inspiration for the "Garofoli Ambienti" solutions, composed of articulate images that illustrate all of the decorating solutions possible thanks to the Garofoli/Gidea combination. Garofoli and Gidea, two sides of the same coin in this Marche based Group, united in an important synergy that implies a desire to innovate, to diversify and to offer the clientele state of the art products.

Coordinati Garofoli

No longer only doors:with the addition of parquet flooring, walk-in wardrobes and boiserie panels to its catalogue, Garofoli courageously and decisively looks to the designing of truly coordinated, harmonic and welcoming living spaces. Nothing is left to chance:dynamism, innovation and a great ability in interpreting architectural trends make the Garofoli Ambienti the perfect solution for those who want an elegant and functional home.