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16 09
Classic style, immortal charm. 110 e lode, settings that make the grade


Enter the golden world of the aristocratic elite, breath in the sumptuous aura of paved entrance halls to old buildings, live the elegance and high class that echoes in homes rich in art and memories.A heritage of culture and forgotten fragrances wind through the canals and alleyways of Venice, where the main façade of the historic buildings face onto the waters of the Grand Canal, dotted with gondolas and steamboats that glide through the most fascinating waterways of the centre of Venice.Whether Crossing the Rialto Bridge, the oldest part of the city where you can taste castraure, hop shoots and asparagus in the typical market, or walking through the narrow calli, “the width of which can be measured by spreading out your arms, or almost” (as Goethe wrote upon his visit to Venice in 1786), Venice holds the secrets of thousands of years of history and flavours.

A timeless scenario, elegance to be admired and relived in the 110 E Lode collection. The classic style animates the majestic solid wood doors, forged from passion, experience and craftsman skill, studied to embellish exclusive and elegant settings. Traditional in design, made of quality raw materials and innovative production technologies that give this classic style that unmistakeable Garofoli touch.