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Combinations and contaminations: Swedish formality with the vivacity of Göteborg.


Minimalism has always inspired a clean and simple style. The geometric lines blend with the white tones and splashes of glass add movement to the regularity of the shapes. And yet, even with the essential there is room for unusual experimentation. In the faraway lands of Northern Europe, engulfed by the frigid air, shine cities unaccustomed to hiding from the sun. One of these is Göteborg,  a happy union between a lively urban atmosphere and the natural beauty of its fjords.

The traditional Kungsportsavenyn, one of the main streets teeming with music and design, overturns the natural tendency toward isolation of the Swedish culture. This long street is filled with thousands of coffee shops, bars and first class restaurants, spaced out by the signs of the most famous inviting Swedish chain stores. Instead, along the western coast, the typical red wood houses, built in the trees. However, if we look to the ancient Haga quarter, we notice how the antique stores, scattered among old buildings and romantic alleyways, stand out among the ateliers of the Swedish designers of the moment. Göteborg lives in this contradiction, suspended between the charm of the antique and the excitement of the new. Even a majestic floating hotel can be strictly eco-friendly, like the Salt & Sill, immersed in the magnificent Klädesholmen archipelago, just an hour from the city. And then, the fresh smell of lobsters that spur on the fishermen is just enough to offset that geometric perfection that hides eternal evolution.