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20 11
It's quality time! Notes from Made Expo, Milan.


True to the innovative character that marks its history, once again this year the Garofoli Group brought a balanced selection of proposals to Made Expo in Milan to meet the needs of a market that is redefining its character and needs.

A meeting point for companies, the public and professionals, the Milan trade-show provided insight on the situation of a sector in search of new "vision" and of products able to meet, with excellent performance, the demand for quality based on a mix of materials, appearance, functionality and eclecticism.

At its stand, the Group summarised the proposals presented like this: exploiting the past to meet the challenge of the present, investing on new future prospects. The leitmotif is a trio of new collections: GABILIA, with its use of two different finishes (an open pore lacquer finish and, the second, a glossy polyester lacquer finish) synthetises a perfect combination of functionality and design, elegance and personality; MIRAQUADRA, classic personality with a contemporary spirit; LAMMY POEMA, a collection of laminate doors with great three dimensionality, marked by flush doors and frames for those looking for linearity and sophistication.

The quality of Garofoli research was further seen in the variety of the various collections in the Filomuro version: Filomuro Arco with solid wood, minimalist design and versatile style; Filomuro Rubia - rationality and an eye for detail, with the possibility of choosing from different types of glass, transparent or coloured, that can be matched to aluminium profiles either in Stainless Steel or painted finish.  Totally in line with the "spirit of the times", BISYSTEM, the door and partition system that you can use to invent new spaces and redesign your home with creativity and pragmatism. A proposal for coordinating doors (one side in wood, one in glass; two sides in wood; two sides in glass) that has been expanded with the BIPLUS model, very unusual with its alternation of finishes on horizontal bands for both sides of the door.

The future first!