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The eclecticism of San Francisco, Gidea's idea of modern


A balance between past and future is usually a characteristic of many modern cities. Instead, San Francisco is more creative, the result of hybrid development where the charm of the historic patrimony is reborn thanks to the support of art and design. It has been defined as the most European city of the United States, relaxed like Rome but as cosmopolitan as New York. Frisco (as it frequently nick-named) is scenic and fun like the California captured by the TV series of the 1990s: a city to be travelled by cable car, the real symbol of the city's fast and steep landscape! San Francisco is the emblem of architectural and cultural eclecticism: the arabesque shops of crowded Chinatown balance the Victorian homes of Telegraph Hill, and the city echoes with the symbolic voices of the Beat Generation like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg who, in the 1950s, launched the Poetry Renaissance.  Memories that seem to come back to life in the murals of the Mission District that depict the daily life of the America of yesterday and of today.

The Gidea Modern collections embody the current multicultural sense of these urban spaces, capturing the innovative spirit of the melting pot of different metropolitan cultures. The perpendicular and geometric lines of the laminate or aluminium doors sport rounded corners and lend themselves to a myriad of customisation possibilities, in terms of material, colour and glass. The flexible and elegant design of the Stilia, Smart, Luxpoema and Antha collections is the perfect balance between style and functionality, hand-craftsmanship and innovation: a constant guarantee of maximum quality in construction. That which we perceive when we admire the imposing Golden Gate Bridge, symbol of the West Coast, where the cool summer fog and the powerful rays of sun alternate on its two sides in an dreamlike atmosphere, more reachable now than ever.