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Garofoli Green: sustainability is a journey.


Material, research, evolution. The Garofoli philosophy always lies in its innate vocation for quality, reflected every day in the care and selection of the woods we use. In fact, the wood plays the lead in a "journey" that starts in the great, centuries old forests of the United States and Canada, where the world's leading wood producers are located, and it ends in the great Garofoli facilities where human genius brings the final product to life, where the strong and noble wood takes on shape and charm, and where Fernando Garofoli engraves his signature, to personally guarantee the quality of each product, transforming it into a work of art.

A fascinating and meticulous journey founded on careful and responsible forest management and on sustainable development of production activities, which lies at the centre of a strong environmental policy based on attention and quality.  PEFC certification, which governs sustainable forest management, ensures that the wood used comes from controlled forest areas, not only environmentally, but economically and socially as well; and the Chain of Custody (CoC) guarantees traceability of the certified material, from the forest to the finished product.

In fact, the Garofoli production system monitors the environmental impact of the processes and continuously searches for effective, sustainable improvement. An ISO 14001 certified mission.

This is how products, more perfect than any handcrafted product, are born. And they are more exclusive than any industrial product. Products with style in tune with the present but which look to the future and to the generations to come.