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26 01
Playa, the handle: functionality to be admired.


The indispensable accessory, a detail that adds necessary functionality: the handle is not only a tool for accessing another room or leaving the one you are in, but a way of transmitting your personality, a touch that characterises a door, making it charming, refined, innovative or majestic.

That simple, instinctive gesture that we repeat thousands of times everyday and marks the paths of the places where we live is concentrated in the handle. A practical function that is increasingly bound to a decorative value that brings together both touch and sight when the handle takes on the personality of the door it opens or unleashes its own personality, thanks to its many shapes and materials and to the coordination of colour and tone, so that it adapts to the rooms of our life: the perfect complement to the other elements in our home.

The Tuke handle, for example, magnificently coordinates with the boiserie panel thanks to the pickled oak insert that provides continuity with the wall. Instead with Playa, we add pure design: the most recent of the Garofoli handles, it brings together functionality and beauty in its modern and sophisticated lines; the perfect complement to the door it opens and absolutely elegant.

There is a handle for every room: refined and warm for the living room and bedroom, or ergonomic and resistant for the bathroom and kitchen. There is a handle for every taste, whether you are swept away by classic beauty or fascinated by modern innovation.