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Design and performance: A world of proposals to renew your rooms.


Safety, before all else. But also style and elegance, to transform your space for better living without the need for large scale structural work. Renovating or customising every room is so easy thanks to the wide selection of Garofoli products and coordinating pieces which can be easily mixed and matched for chromatic and compositional harmony. The REI doors which not only protect from fire but are also fitted with the under door weatherstripping system, can be matched to parquet and boiserie panels to create a design ecosystem that makes public areas unique in their kind. The large size planks are constructed with high quality woods only from certified forests and have a highly stable, three layer structure to allow application even to pre-existing floor coverings. The result is a quality grafted finish that ensures stability and uniformity. Covering walls and creating new rooms and partitions is the purpose of boiserie panels: a system of invisible  tongues and grooves for simplified installation, available in an infinite variety of colours, wood tones and finishes. The oak coverings not only transform walls but also create atmospheres rich in charm, renewing rooms and creating new ones. Boiserie panels and doors can be perfectly integrated in an elegant continuity of style: the door can be covered entirely with wood to create a composition of flush doors and panelling, or it can be simply mounted with its mountings visible to create large scale installations easily and quickly.

Design and practicality are the strong points of Miria Panelling, to make any space livable:  perfect for creating built in closets or  ceiling high wall systems or elegant and functional walk-in dressing rooms with sliding pocket doors to maximise space without giving up coordinated systems and style. Miria furnishes and creates new spaces in full harmony with the environment and the other Garofoli products, offering design solutions for high quality projects. Guaranteed coordinability, the seal of high level restyling with visual effects guaranteed. You never have to give up luminosity and elegance, thanks to the right selection of sliding glass doors: they can be used to separate rooms and are easily integrated with the other Garofoli Group products. Moreover, frameless Tuttovetro double swinging doors transform even the most hidden spaces, for instance a shower box, by adding a touch of charm and purity.

Parquet, boiserie panels, walk-in dressing rooms and glass: the Garofoli products bring together functionality and beauty to create a room with class or to give new life to spaces that merit a modern and absolutely unmistakable image. Explore our proposals in the special section.