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Safety and style: Garofoli fire doors


Safety is a crucial topic for defining the quality of service in hotel structures. In recent years, the sector operators have see a succession of numerous standards – accompanied by anxiousness and worries – both on a EU level and as well as in relation to the individual states. Making a building safe means guaranteeing:access to evacuation paths, correct functioning of technical equipment, apparatus and alarm devices, delivery of safety plans and location maps, personnel training and instruction, observance of regulations on the inflammability of the materials used.   
In fact, the fire resistance of the materials used in construction and renovation are subject to a series of regulations that manufacturers must carefully adhere to.
The Garofoli Group has always undertaken to expand its production of fire doors in order to meet, with excellence, the needs for safety but without neglecting style. Hotel structures must, in fact, comply with the standards in force both on a EU level as well as with those of the individual states, but also in terms of their image and the aesthetic quality proposed to an increasingly aware clientèle This means bringing two worlds together: that of design and that of safety, which have frequently been on a parallel without ever meeting. With a long term market in mind, we must instead offer the clientèle guarantees without neglecting the attractiveness and beauty of the furnished spaces.   
Also available in the Filomuro version, the Garofoli Group fire doors can be highly customised.
Style is a question of safety. This is the motto that has led Garofoli to attentively work in the direction of expanding an already wide-ranging catalogue of fire doors.