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22 09
Modern style, decisive but surprising: Like Chicago, the windy city.


A lively, vital cosmopolitan city with a wide selection of contemporary art installations and trendy architecture. Chicago is one of these cities.A city to visit to take in a panorama of the history of architecture thanks to Frank Lloyd Wright’s pioneering proposals and Bauhaus’ first works in America, and the Willis Tower, the tallest skyscraper in the United States. A city where you can taste the sophisticated culinary delights of the Sheerin brothers, the famous chef duo at Trenchermen, a restaurant located in a splendid 1920s building. Or, take a walk in the Oak Street suburb where Ernest Hemingway drew inspiration for writings which have become eternal.

An atmosphere that is chic and refined, yet unconventional and innovative, to be rediscovered in the Moderno style door collections by “Garofoli”. The durability of solid wood, together with a fascinating linear geometry creates a marked and decisive character, highlighted by panels, crossbeams and uprights, engravings and glass inserts flush with the panel, claddings and plywood panels.

The Pangea, Io and Gavisio doors are the perfect choice for functional settings decorated with a clean, fresh style that is absolutely in vogue and satisfy the most recent trends in living spaces.Looking to the future, without forgetting one’s origins: modernity and class coexist perfectly, without giving up that unexpected detail that adds personality. This is Chicago: vibrant, surprising, determined.