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10 09
Gdesigner: the essential is in full view


A glass panel separates the dizzy pace of city life from the tranquillity of a silent loft, lit by the fading light at day’s end.Observing the vivid city of Manhattan becomes a pleasant passtime, taking the sights of the frenetic streets of midtown or the historic 42nd street, continually criss-crossed by the famous yellow cabs and by thousands of people in constant movement. The reflection of the city is best enjoyed from skyscrapers and historic buildings that happily hide open space apartments with a view on the world from behind walls of glass, perhaps while sipping a Manhattan cocktail and admiring a whiskey imbued sunset. 

Glass that plays with design and transparencies, for enjoying life and the view, or to eliminate the superfluous in the pursuit of chic minimalism,like that of the Garofoli GDesigner collection: doors with wood covered aluminium profiles.Doors that perfectly exemplify the synthesis of extremely clean lines and aesthetic formality, functionality and beauty, charm and technology. Smoked glass, original wood tones, open pore lacquers and delicate decorations are a few of the technical and aesthetic solutions that come together in the realisation of doors with class, available in a wide variety of models and finishes. 

In terms of choice we have taken inspiration from the imposing Apple Store on 5th Avenue, in which glass cubes designed by the architect Bohlin Cywinksy Jackson sparkle with futuristic avant-garde style.